New series of videos with questions and answers about the Work of the Sacred Hearts

In order to explain to all those interested in what the spiritual task undertaken by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph through this Work consists of, Our Lady asked the visionary monks of the Grace Mercy Order and the Council of Regency and Permanent Guidance of the Work of the Divine Messengers to make a series of videos to answer the main questions that come through our official websites and other channels of dissemination.

To facilitate the public access to information, the videos will be organized by theme and published weekly through all media channels  of this Work.

First video of the series

The first video of the series, which deals with general aspects of the current work of the Three Sacred Hearts, was released on June 9, 2020, and is published on the website of the Divine Messengers, Misericordia María TV, as well as on the YouTube channel of Misericordia María TV and the official Facebook page Voice and Echo of the Divine Messengers.

Peace and Conciliation

With this material, the Virgin Mary aspires to lovingly clarify the questions presented by Her children of different nations, offering them the possibility of understanding more profoundly about this redemptive work of the Sacred Hearts which, without connection to any institutionalized religions, practices fraternity, prayer and selfless service, the pillars for expanding the Light of Christ throughout the world.

Furthermore, through this initiative, the Divine Messengers hope to contribute so that the spirit of understanding, harmony and unity may reign in the hearts of all followers of Christ. May we, regardless of culture and religion, remain united, as brothers and sisters, around the universal message of Peace and Mercy given to humanity by the Master of Love.

Thus, we ask for the collaboration of everyone in the dissemination of these videos, helping the public to learn about the simple, peaceful and transparent ways that characterizes our surrender to the Plan of God.

May we always be united for one purpose: for Peace on Earth.