New request from the Virgin Mary: Holy Rosary for the end of the health crisis

ou may face the greatest and most difficult tests, but when you pray the mysteries of the rosary from the heart, just as you did today while you were in My divine presence, there will be nothing that cannot be untied nor any evil that cannot be liberated."
Mary, Rose of Peace - October, 16, 2015

The Virgin Mary has always affirmed that the daily prayer of the Holy Rosary is one of the most powerful spiritual instruments of these times. She revealed that souls who adopt this simple and blessed practice can achieve Divine Graces capable of transforming their own lives and changing the course of events upon the planet.

For this reason, Our Lady made an important request in Her message on March 30, 2020that Her children pray the Holy Rosary every day for the end of the pandemic and that the souls most affected by this situation may be supported by God.

Answering to the call of the Most Holy Mary we shall persevere, more than ever, in the prayer of the Holy Rosary. The beings who establish a permanent rhythm to practice this daily communication with Heaven open the doors for the Earth to receive the heavenly assistance that it needs.


The Holy Rosary consists of invoking the intercession of the Virgin Mary, through the prayer of the Hail Mary, while meditating upon the main passages of the life of Jesus. It is divided into four Mysteries of Contemplation:

  • Mysteries of Joy
  • Mysteries of Light
  • Mysteries of Sorrow
  • Mysteries of Glor

The Mysteries of Contemplation are related to spiritual energies indicated by their respective names: Joy, Light, Sorrow and Glory.

In each Mystery, we contemplate five episodes of Jesus' life, praying the Hail Mary ten times with each passage.

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  • Download the brochure of the Mysteries of Contemplation

    Options for praying the Holy Rosary 

    The Holy Rosary can be prayed alone, in families and also in prayer groups. Spiritual exercises done individually are extremely fruitful, but we also know that the group prayer allows greater help to come from the Universe.

    Our Lady asked that different ways be created to congregate the prayer beings of the world so that all Her children have the opportunity to receive the gifts of the Holy Rosary.

    Here are some options for praying.

    Prayers for peace in the nations of the world cyclically reverse very serious mistakes from the past and the present and modify, by the same power of the Rosary, future events, thus granting a spiritual reparation for the souls for which we pray, as well as for nations that we pray for.

    Christ Jesus, April 5, 2018


At the request of the Virgin Mary, the internet channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations broadcasts live prayer meetings in which monastics of the Grace Mercy Order and prayer beings from different countries offer a Mystery of the Rosary for different nations and for urgent causes in the world. These events are held daily, at different times, and are open to everyone.

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May cultures, races, nations and religions be united, that hearts be united in the likeness of God; let your hands join My Rosary of Light, and thus peace be established within and in the form of humanity.

Mary, Rose of Peace, May, 13, 2018

The Rosary of Light is a request from the Virgin Mary for the formation of ecumenical prayer groups in all parts of the planet, with the purpose of praying a Mystery of the Rosary for peace. Participants receive an image of Our Lady wrapped in beads from the Rosary, and each time a mystery is said, a pearl is placed on one of these beads. The Divine Mother affirmed that each prayer group represents a light bead upon Her Rosary.

To learn more about the Rosary of Light:
write to or call to +55 (35) 99837-4465


In the times that will come, dear children, the only refuge and salvation will be your homes, which should become true temples of prayer so that God may be present at all times.

Mary, Rose of Peace, February 25, 2018

When we pray the Holy Rosary at home, the Virgin Mary places her mantle of love and protection upon us and our families. A suggestion to create an epicenter of peace in our homes is to create an altar with an image of Our Lady. Within that sacred space, we can pray daily to Her Immaculate Heart.

Let us raise our eternal gratitude to the Divine Mother for having emparted to humanity the superior power of the Holy Rosary. In each bead, infinite Graces and Blessings are kept, which will be poured out upon the praying souls to sustain them in these times.