Revelations of the Virgin Mary: Atlantis, a civilization that disappeared

Revelations of the Virgin Mary: Atlantis, a civilization that disappeared

Continuing with the revelations of the Divine Messengers for these times, in Her message of December 31, 2019, the Virgin Mary clarified the main facts concerning the extinct civilization of Atlantis. Besides explaining an important part of the history of the planet, Our Lady allowed us to reflect upon the transformations that humanity needs to carry out, presenting the experience of those ancient people as an example.

History and geography of Atlantis

The Divine Mother revealed that the Atlanteans inhabited the Earth after the Lemurians - members of the civilization of Lemuria - and long before the Vikings. Their civilization was located toward the center of the Atlantic Ocean, near the equator, parallel with the coast of Africa, near the Caribbean Sea. It emerged as a fishing village, on one of the islands of an uninhabited archipelago, created by the action of volcanoes that in that period were inactive.

Remaining areas

After the last geologic transformation of the planet, some of the islands that were a part of Atlantis became a part of the Caribbean region. Another part of that distant civilization, besides its geographic remains, can be found today in the Canary Islands, the Grand Canaria Island, Lanzarote, Tenerife and others.

Spiritual, scientific and material development

The Virgin Mary revealed that Atlantis achieved spiritual, scientific and material advancements much greater than the achievements of our current humanity. Amongst its founders there were evolved consciousnesses that gave impulse to its progress.

They were beings that had the gifts of Priests, Priestesses, Scientists, Healers, Governors, Mirrors and Warriors. They stood out through their intuitive capacity to guard and watch over both the islands and what was sacred.

The Most Holy Mary emphasized that the Atlanteans excelled, not only because of their inner contact, but also because of their communion with the Universe. It was a civilization similar to the current human race but, at its peak, it was less surrounded by factors that could corrupt it.

The Divine Project for Atlantis expected that its spiritual development and its knowledge would be transmitted to future human generations, without it being necessary to begin learning again in each new cycle.

Disappearance of Atlantis

The Virgin Mary says that even though a high degree of working with non-material Laws was achieved, the majority of Atlanteans yielded to ambition and the desire for power, using their knowledge incorrectly. Before the disappearance of Atlantis, the beings capable of establishing contact with the Hierarchy were warned in seven different periods that it was necessary to modify those attitudes.

A small percentage of the Atlantean people listened to the warnings and abandoned the islands of the region, taking refuge in what today is South America. From there were born the indigenous peoples that over the course of time gradually inhabited the heights and the plains of that continent.

However, the majority continued with undue practices, generating a great physical, mental and spiritual imbalance.

This activated the seven dormant volcanoes, through a chain reaction, resulting in the cataclysm of Atlantis. Its islands were swallowed up by the ocean and by fire.

Time of Mercy

The Divine Mother reminded us that, just like what occurred in Atlantis, the current humanity is also being notified by the Heights that it is necessary to regenerate its patterns of behavior and re-align them with Universal Laws.


She concludes:

The example of the Atlantean civilization demonstrates that no consciousness has power over anything,
and that when humility, poverty of spirit and love do not exist, everything can become dangerous.

Mary, Rose of Peace - Dec. 31, 2019

And so, in this period in which the Fount of Divine Mercy is still being poured out upon the world through the Sacred Heart of Christ Jesus, let us pray so that souls may be reconciled with God and, in fraternal unity, help to restore the planet.