Revelations of the Divine Messengers. 2020, the year when everything will come to light

Revelations of the Divine Messengers. 2020, the year when everything will come to light

"The year 2020 will be the last segment for being able to achieve an elevation of consciousness and of the mental plane" Christ Jesus, December 28, 2019

In Their recent messages, the Divine Messengers have made revelations about the cycle that will begin in 2020 and They transmitted valuable guidance for going through this decisive stage of the end of times.

Christ Jesus announced in His message of December 28, 2019, that in 2020 the solar system will go through the last stage of its transition

On Earth, this process will be triggered during the summer in South America, by the arrival of powerful ultraviolet solar waves that will move everything that is outside of Universal Law.

The Master affirmed that this cosmic movement will bring forth all truth in the personal, collective and global settings. Thus, the involutive situations experienced by people will become evident. On the other hand, souls upon the spiritual path or that are inclined to enter the school of redemption and forgiveness, will receive one great evolutionary impulse.


In His message on December 29, 2019, Christ Jesus proceeded with revelations about the solar activity that will affect the Earth. He stated that with the descent of the beta-sun rays - which are the direct emanations of the magnetic heart of the Sun - humanity will have to prepare itself to face the most acute phase of climate change. While the Southern Hemisphere will experience episodes of extreme heat, the Northern Hemisphere will experience a cold wave never before seen.
The Master communicated that the process of personal purification of individuals will also intensify. In the light of the unknown circumstances that will emerge, He instructs us to seek connection with God in order to be as protected as possible from the dissociation stage that will unfold upon the planet.


With Her infinite Maternal Love, the Virgin Mary transmitted, in Her message of December 29, 2019, a list of basic precautions, so that Her children may endure the beta-violet rays which, She explained, modify the nervous and cellular system of the human body.

Our Lady indicated that these simple actions will be the basis to sustain us in facing one of the hottest summers in history and to be physically, mentally and emotionally balanced in the face of the acceleration of planetary purification.

  1. Protect yourselves as much as possible from the Sun at noon and in the afternoon.

  2. Drink plenty of water, even drinking without feeling the need to, because electrolytes of the body are easily lost.

  3. Consume lemon, since its acidic component counteracts the easy detachment of the consciousness during periods of intense heat.

  4. Eat fresh vegetables to balance the excessive inner and outer heat, since that excessive heat generates an intolerance to extreme weather.

  5. Cool off, but do not excessively consume frozen drinks, because these rapidly unbalance the 37ºC (98.6ºF) that the human body must maintain to stay in harmony.

  6. Avoid ingesting very hot liquids in order not to increase nor exceed the high temperature of the body.

  7. In certain moments keep your head damp so that the humidity of the water upon the head may evaporate and counteract dehydration.

  8. Eat a variety of fruits with a high liquid content so that your body can easily absorb the greatest amount of vitamins and nutrients that will compensate for the great external heat.


Filled with gratitude for the Divine Messengers, let us prepare ourselves to go through this decisive cycle, strengthened by prayer and unwavering in service to the planet, praying that the hearts of the world will receive the Grace of awakening in these final times. 

  • We thank all of you who can spread these important revelations.