Revelations of the Virgin Mary: The Great Awakening of the Antarctic

Revelations of the Virgin Mary: The Great Awakening of the Antarctic

"The Antarctic is not just a physical continent; it is also a spiritual one. It is one of the only spaces upon the planet that preserved the Consciousness of the Divine Hierarchy, and from there the whole planet can be helped." Mary, Rose of Peace - December 13, 2019

With the purpose of preparing Her children for an important planetary moment, the Virgin Mary transmitted unprecedented teachings about the Antarctic during Her private Apparition of December 13, 2019, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

The Divine Messengers have already announced that they are delivering Their last words to humanity and that, before they withdraw to continue to intercede for the Earth on the inner planes, they will make great revelations.

As one of the instructions for these end times, Our Lady announced that the time has come to reveal to the world the sacred knowledge kept on the coldest continent of the globe so that, in this way, humanity may have a new chance of realigning its behavior with the Evolutionary Plan.

According to Her, in spite of the imbalances generated by human activity, the Antarctic is one of the only locations on the planet that still holds the Consciousness of the Divine Hierarchy. Also, it conserves the spiritual attributes developed by all the peoples and cultures since ancient times.

The Most Holy Mary explained that the awakening of the Antarctic will be a spiritual and physical event that will guide the awakened portion of humanity into assuming the legacy of Love experienced during the period of Lemuria. For the first time, She spoke about the true history of the Lemurian peoples and their elevated level of contact with God.

The doors will open; the planes will show the truth; the knowledge will emerge,
and a large part of the human race will have the chance to be guided toward their spiritual purpose.
(...) It will be the Light of the Antarctic; it will be through Lemuria that it will come.

Virgin Mary - December 13, 2019

Our Lady directed us to wait for that moment in prayer and vigil, seeking a union with all of Creation. She especially asked that we pray for the seas and oceans.

Let us have a full trust in the designs of the Celestial Father Who, in His infinite Mercy, offers us the celestial gifts of the Antarctic, as yet another opportunity for healing and redemption.

Watch below the video with the Message transmitted by the Virgin Mary in Her private Apparition of December 13, 2019: