Medallion of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

Gratitude, humility, simplicity, meekness, silence, reverence and hope are some of the many indispensable keys to open the doors for us toward an awakening; keys that our beloved Mediator and Intercessor Saint Joseph transmitted in His sacred messages to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús since August of 2015.

Once having entered this path of awakening, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph teaches us about the Christic life, treading the paths of faith, of service, of peace, of joy and of prayer, to enter into new cycles, united with God and His Messengers.

In this trajectory, as Saint Joseph strengthened us, day after day, with His messages of simplicity and wisdom, sometimes He warned us that the day would come when He would have to fall silent. So after more than a year of His daily presence, so close to humanity, the Chaste Heart tells us that the time has come for His withdrawal. Yet, He will remain accompanying humanity as He has always done, stimulating our growth and protecting the birth of the inner Christ within the heart of each being.

As Divine Father and Friend, who loves us as His children, Saint Joseph knows about human frailty in a world of illusions, and in His humble and powerful love, offers us another grace for our protection and guidance:

“But, before silencing My Chaste Heart, I come to request that you coin a medallion,
A medallion that will hold all the merits achieved in My life and in the eternity of My Heart;
a medallion that will be the protector of families and a guide for the evolution of souls;
a medallion that will remind you of the purity of your hearts and will protect your essences,
so that you not lose your peace in the times of transition.”

The Most Chaste Heart José, August 12, 2019

As soldiers of the Plan of Love of God, peace-bringers of Christ the Redeemer, children of the Virgin Mary and of Saint Joseph, if kept close to the heart, this Medallion will carry into the world the gifts and the graces achieved by the Chaste Heart.

In His message, He gives a detailed description of how the Medallion is to be coined and reveals seven promises for those who will carry it. Find out about His words and deepen your studies in contacting this new and special divine request.