Marian Centers and Prayer for Peace in the Nations pray one thousand Hail Marys

Marian Centers and Prayer for Peace in the Nations pray one thousand Hail Marys

"Today My maternal gratitude is expressed to those who pray that, month after month, during the Thousand Hail Marys, open the doors of Heaven so that I may descend to the world and always pray by their side. Even though you may not see Me, My Omnipresent Spirit will embrace you, just as the eternal Father embraces you with great love." 
Virgin Mary, March 17, 2015

The Marian Centers of Figueira, of Aurora, of the Holy Spirit and of the Child King are preparing to carry out another round of prayer dedicated to Our Lady, through the Thousand Hail Marys that are done on the last Sunday of each month. This work of prayer is open to pilgrims, devotees, and all people who want to come to know and participate in a moment of prayer dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

As from this month, besides the prayer of the Thousand Hail Marys that is done in the Marian Centers, on the same day and time there will be a live transmission on the internet, through the channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations. In this way, people who have been unable to personally participate in this work of prayer will have the opportunity of joining through the internet.

The Thousand Hail Marys is a spiritual practice of contemplation of the four Mysteries of the Rosary. Friar Agustín, the coordinator of the Marian Centers, explains that it is a moment of reconciliation, of asking on behalf of souls that most suffer, and for peace on the planet: "Through the Thousand Hail Marys, Our Lady can bring peace to the world, and the Marian Centers open their doors so that it may take place."

Join this celebration of love and devotion to the Virgin Mary!

Contact the Marian Centers or the channel Prayer for Peace in the Nations for more information.