The manifestation of the New Aurora: Support the campaign!

I deigned to choose such a poor and simple place like Aurora, not only to walk among the orange trees but also to prepare for My second coming."

Christ Jesus, January 13, 2019

During the month of January, Our Lord transmitted a series of thirteen messages entitled "Manifestation of Aurora", in which He calls on us to collaborate and to support this campaign, through many requests and instructions.

The manifestation of Aurora corresponds to the Marian Center of Aurora and the Light Community of Fraternity of Aurora, located in the rural area of the department of Paysandú, Uruguay. These spaces are being built according to precise instructions transmitted by the Divine Messengers.

Our Lord calls on us to turn our eyes and hearts to this place on the planet, where the Sacred Hearts descended from the Heavens to deliver Their Words to humanity. 


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Immediate Needs

To concretize the requests of the Master, all of His followers and companions are invited to support the campaign for the manifestation of the New Aurora, be it with financial resourceswith their presence in Aurora, or with specialized assistance.



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"I thank all those who will make the new cycle of Aurora possible!
Blessings, your Master, Christ Jesus"

Christ Jesus, January 12, 2019

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