Association Mary

About the Association Mary

Founded in December of 2012 at the request of the Virgin Mary, the Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception shelters all of the activities indicated through the Instruction transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Most Holy Mary, and Saint Joseph.

It offers everyone the opportunity of growing spiritually, stimulating true ecumenical cooperation and a fraternal relationship between religions through prayer and altruistic service.

Because of its beneficent and humanitarian nature, the Association operates free of charge. All forms of contribution--monetary, material goods, or volunteer work--make possible the undertaking and expansion of its activities.

The aims

Spiritual Growth

To offer possibilities of spiritual growth according to the teachings of the Virgin Mary in all of Her manifestations, always seeking a sincere cooperation within an ecumenical spirit.

Fraternal Dialogue

To promote and to facilitate a fraternal and peaceful dialogue in the ecumenical and inter-religious field, especially to consider the possibilities of deepening in prayer and in abnegated service.

Promote Events

To organize events in Brazil and abroad to divulge the messages of Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph.

Formation of Groups

To encourage the formation of groups of prayer and to instruct them in an ecumenical and universal form of prayer. 

Integration between the groups

To organize gatherings and prayer vigils in different places in Brazil and abroad, facilitating thus the integration between groups, and the strengthening of prayer in each being. 

Encourage the practice of prayer

To encourage people of all ages to the practice of prayer and to the contact with Marian and Christic songs.

How to collaborate?

All the activities offered by the Association Mary are free to public and are manifested by means of volunteered support. You may contribute occasionally or regularly.
Contact us! Get to know us and learn how to collaborate with this Work.

"I await all of you, My beloved children, so that this Universal Marian Mission reaches the most distant corners of the planet."

Virgin Mary, May 1 of 2013

Organization Name
Maria, Mãe da Divina Concepção also named Associação Maria
National Registry of Legal Entities
CNPJ: Nº 17.695.786/0001-01
Mailing address
PO Box 85
Carmo da Cachoeira – MG, Brasil
CEP 37225-000
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